Romania 1959  

Luna 3

Romania stamp 1959 Luna 3
Romania stamp 1959 Luna 3

Left (horizontal): Luna 3’s view of the lunar farside, annotated with names of features in Romanian and Russian. (Part of the near side, to the left of the dashed line, was also included for orientation purposes.) This is the best representation of the Luna 3 picture on a stamp. The cream background is the colour of the stamp, and not browning of the paper with age. 

Right (vertical): Diagram of Luna 3’s looping trajectory behind the Moon and back around the Earth. A dot indicates the probe’s position at the time of picture taking. The date at right of the stamp, 4 October 1959, is the launch date. 

Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers: 

1.60L:  2694 

1.75L:  2695 

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