Russia 1971

Luna 17/Lunokhod 1

Russia 1971 stamp Luna 17/Lunokhod 1
Russia 1971 stamp Lunokhod controller
Russia 1971 stamp Luna 17 platform
Russia 1971 stamp Lunokhod 1

Four stamps commemorating the landing of Luna 17 which delivered the Lunokhod 1 lunar rover to the Moon on 17 November 1970. Controllers on Earth drove Lunokhod around on the surface by remote control for 10 months. The four stamps show Luna 17 touching down in the Mare Imbrium; communications via the tracking station at Yevpatoria in the Crimea; the empty landing stage; and Lunokhod roaming the surface. 

The same four designs in slightly reduced size are also commonly encountered in the form of a sheet, below. 

Russia 1971 stamp sheet Luna 17/Lunokhod 1

Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers for the individual stamps: 

3918, 3919, 3920, 3921 

Stanley Gibbons catalogue number for the sheet: 


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