Russia 1970    

Luna 16

Russia 1970 stamp Luna 16a
Russia 1970 stamp Luna 16b
Russia 1970 stamp Luna 16c

A set of three stamps showing, in sequence, the landing of Luna 16 on the Moon, the takeoff of its upper stage containing Moon samples, and the sample capsule parachuting to Earth. The dates at top right of each stamp refer to the duration of the mission, from launch on 12 September to return on 24 September. 

Stanley Gibbons catalogue numbers: 

3885, 3886, 3887 


Russia 1970 Luna 16 stamp sheet

The set of three stamps shown at the top of the page was accompanied by this souvenir sheet containing three stamps. Note slight differences in design and colour between the illustrations on the three individual stamps and those on the sheet, as well as a change in face value from 10k to 20k. Added to the second and third stamps are depictions of the pennants carried to the surface by the spacecraft. The dates at the bottom of the sheet refer to launch on 12 September, lunar landing on 20 September and return to Earth on 24 September. 

Stanley Gibbons catalogue number: 



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