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2015  Hubble – 25 Years of Space Exploration

The Hubble Space Telescope turned 25 in April 2015 and Jersey Post celebrated its anniversary with a set of eight stamps bearing Hubble images, plus a mini sheet depicting the telescope in orbit. The subjects are as follows:

47p: A light echo around the supergiant star V838 Monocerotis taken in 2004

57p: The spiral galaxy M74 in Pisces, on a Hubble photo released in 2007

64p: ‘Mystic Mountain’, a spectacular formation of gas and dust in Carina, which was photographed for Hubble’s 20th anniversary in 2010

71p: A false-colour view of Jupiter taken in 2006 to show the emergence of a new Red Spot, below centre, about half the size of the true Red Spot which is at centre right

73p: The Cat’s Eye Nebula, a beautiful planetary nebula in the constellation Draco, photographed in 2002 (released 2004)

85p: Mars at its closest approach to Earth in 2007 December.

95p: Interacting galaxies UGC 1810 and UGC 1813 in Andromeda, released in 2011 for Hubble’s 21st anniversary.

£1.25: The Pistol Star, an exceptionally luminous star shedding shells of gas near the core of our Galaxy, seen at infrared wavelengths in 1997

£2: The Hubble Telescope itself appears on the accompanying mini sheet in a photograph taken by astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis after the telescope’s final servicing mission in 2009.

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