Curaçao 2012

Of the three countries to mark the 2012 transit of Venus on stamps, the only one from which the event could actually be seen was the Caribbean island of Curaçao (the other two issuing nations were Portugal and South Africa). On Curaçao’s mini-sheet, a huge Sun with a looping prominence of incandescent gas looms over what is presumably a local landscape. Near the top of the sheet is a circle of perforations – this is the real stamp. Within the perforated circle is a black dot, representing Venus in transit across the Sun. Around the inner rim is the wording “Celestial Event Curaçao Venus Transit 2012 June 6th”.

The press release accompanying the stamp gave information on Venus and transits, but did not offer any description of the design elements on the sheet.

SG number
Face value
to come
2500 cent