Greenland 2001.jpg
Greenland 2001 – ‘The stamps that were never issued’

Greenland (or Kalaallit Nunaat, “Land of the Greenlanders”, in the local language) has issued its own stamps since 1938. For that first issue three typical local scenes were chosen – an aurora, a seal and a polar bear – all illustrated by Harald Nielsen. However, at that time Greenland was still a Danish colony and the King of Denmark, Christian X, decided that his portrait ought to feature instead. The original drawings were kept and, 63 years later, they finally appeared in a stamp-on-stamp design titled “The stamps that were never issued”. The one featuring the folded draperies of an aurora is the lowest-value of the trio, at 5.75 kroner; the face value on the original design was 5 øre.

SG number
Face value
5.75 kroner
Black and brown