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Iceland 2013 – NORDIA 2013

This delightful sheet was issued in May 2013 as a souvenir of the NORDIA philatelic exhibition that was held in Garðabær, Iceland, in June that year (hence the NORDIA 2013 emblem at right). Central to the sheet is a block of four self-adhesive stamps depicting aurorae over Iceland photographed by Olgeir Andrésson, an Icelandic aurora specialist. None of the stamps has a face value, only the wording ‘50g til Evrópu’, meaning they are valid for letters weighing up to 50g to European destinations.

The image on the stamp at top left captures a beautiful double auroral loop; it was taken at Sandvík on the Reykjanes peninsula, near the photographer’s home, in April 2010. In the scene at top right, taken in February 2012, green bands compete with the light of the Moon over a frozen landscape at Hoffells glacier in southern Iceland. At lower left, auroral swirls are reflected in a stream near Borgarnes in west Iceland in January 2012, while on the fourth and final stamp wisps of auroral light mix with patchy cloud in a twilight sky over Breiðafjörð, a large, shallow bay in northwest Iceland, in August 2012.

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