Norway 2001a.jpg
Norway 2001b.jpg
Norway 2001 – Northern lights with trees and reindeer

Snow-covered trees and a grazing reindeer with the sky above lit by a glowing aurora, typical winter scenes of northern Norway, feature on this pair of stamps. The aurorae were photographed by Bjarne Riesto. The images on the stamps are composites with foregrounds added by the stamp designers.

On both the stamps the name of the country is spelt ‘Noreg’ rather than the more familiar ‘Norge’. This is because there are two versions of the Norwegian language: Bokmål (literally ‘book language’) and Nynorsk (New Norwegian). In Bokmål, the more widely used, the name of the country is written ‘Norge’, while in Nynorsk it is ‘Noreg’, as here. Both versions are used on stamps, although the ‘Norge’ spelling appears more often.

SG number
Face value
5 kroner
5.50 kroner