Pisces as depicted by Bode and Hevelius

Pisces as depicted by Johann Bode

Johann Bode’s version of Pisces in his Uranographia atlas, above, imagined a highly convoluted cord joining the two fish which he called Linum Piscium. Johannes Hevelius (below) went even further, dividing the line into a northern half, Linum Boreum, and a southern one, Linum Austrinum. Hevelius drew his constellations as though on a globe, so they are reversed by comparison with the way they appear in the sky.

Both Bode and Hevelius gave individual names to the northern and southern fish. On Bode’s atlas they were called Piscis Borealis and Piscis Australis, while Hevelius called them Piscis Boreus and Piscis Austrinus. The Ptolemaic constellation we know as Piscis Austrinus was called Piscis Notius by Bode and Hevelius. 

Pisces as depicted by Johannes Hevelius

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