Rendlesham – 
Deconstructing a myth

Ian Ridpath’s talk about the world-famous
Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

In the past quarter of a century, the Rendlesham Forest incident has become one of the top ten UFO cases in the world as voted by UFO believers, and is now often described as the “British Roswell”. Here, skeptical investigator Ian Ridpath looks at the main points of the case and provides explanations for each in turn, correcting various misunderstandings and pointing out how various unsubstantiated claims have passed uncontested into a body of unreliable knowledge that has already taken on the status of a modern myth.

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Or save your money and see it on video here, filmed live at the 2010 Fortean Times UnConvention.
“Ian delivers brilliant demolition of Rendlesham” — Fortean Times